Here Is Why Aurora, The Singer Of Viral Song Aurora Runaway Is Impressed By Indian Girl Vipasha Malhotra

Every one of you must have listened to the Runaway track and that too multiple times on Instagram reels. Aurora Aksnes is the artist behind that beautiful song. She is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, and record producer.

The Runaway track was released in February 2015 but it recently grasped a worldwide audience and became popular to an extent that every second IG reels are on this song.

All the way from Norway, Aurora called someone who lives in India, and that fortunate person is Vipasha Malhotra. She is a musician, writer and stand-up comedian. A couple of days ago she created a Hindi version of the Runaway song and posted it on her IG page. Her version got so viral that it reached the land of Norway, and that’s how Aurora got to know that one of her fans recreated her song in one’s language.

Vipasha shared the post and the interview about her chat with Aurora. Vipasha sang her Hindi version in front of Aurora and translated her lyrics to make her understand it. 

Aurora loved the nuances and shared her feelings about her version. She also appreciated Vipasha’s talent and wished her good luck in the future. Following the Indian ritual, Vipasha also invited the singer to India.

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