Here Is Why Haldiram’s Is Trending On Twitter! Know All About The Controversy

The international sweet, snacks and restaurant company Haldiram’s has landed into an uninvited controversy which has also led the brand to go trending on Twitter. It all started when a reporter from a news channel entered a Haldiram’s outlet and started debating over the ‘Urdu text’ which actually is Arabic, written behind Falahari Mixture. In the video, the reporter is seen showering Haldiram’s store manager with questions like, kya chhupana chahte ho (what are you trying to hide), kya hai isme, animal oil? (What does it have, animal oil?), urdu mein kyun likha hai (why is it written in Urdu) and many more.

The store manager continued to reply to the reporter and asssured that the snack was absolutely healthy and vegetarian to eat. She is also seen referring to the Hindi and English informative text which was also written along with Arabic text. Tired with all the arguments and debate, the manager says, ‘aapko jo karna hai ma’am wo aap kar lijiye, but Haldiram’s is not going to entertain this kind of tantrums.’ 

The conversation continues, and the manager even asks the reporter to leave the restaurant. The captured video also shows that all this incident took place in the presence of a police officer. Now, when this incident has gone viral and made Haldiram’s go trending on twitter, the netizens are divided and sharing their mixed opinions about the controversy.

While some are calling this controversy a haywire, others are bashing Haldiram’s for including an Urdu text behind the snack which is also supposed to be eaten by fasting people in Navratri.

The online debate on opinions on Twitter is still on and netizens are continuously tweeting to support the side of the story which according to them is right.

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