Here Is Why It Can Be Very Harmful To Drink Water After The Expiry Date

While drinking water from the mineral water bottle, have you ever noticed that the bottle has an expiration date? No, then don’t worry, from now onwards don’t forget to notice the expiry date on the water bottle. But now if you are wondering why it is so and how water has an expiration date then need not to worry as there are many reasons for this, and we came up with main three-points. Take a look at those:

Firstly, Water Bottle comes in packed food, and everyone is aware that for every packed food and beverage, the manufacturer must mention its expiry date, nutrition value, and list of ingredients. So, bottled water also comes in this category and hence, the mentioned expiration date is for the bottle and not water.

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Second, the plastic water bottle’s plastic is porous in nature. Due to this, bottled water can pick up smells, tastes and even bacteria, if stored for a longer period of time. While reusing plastic bottles make sure to store them in a cool and dark place.

Third, if Plastic water bottles are kept under direct sunlight or hot temperature for a long time, it can leach plastic chemical components which are mixed into the water. Some of these chemical components are, biphenyl A, which can increase the risk of various heart diseases, breast cancer, infertility in men, and brain lining damage.

So, avoid leaving bottled water in sunlight or even inside your car on a hot sunny day and drinking it later. Though water never expires, packed water has some consequences that’s why it has expiry dates.

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