Here Is Why Prabh Gill’s Grandfather Wasn’t Unaware Of Prabh Gill’s Profession

Prabh Gill

Prabh Gill undoubtedly is one of the finest singers of the Punjabi Music Industry. His song have made all of us shed tears and smile a little broader many times. But while on one hand the world knows his skills and appreciates him, on the other hand was his grandfather who never knew about his profession.  

Despite his excellent career and outstanding fan following. His grandfather had no clue about his life choices and he did know what he does for his living. 

Can you guess why Prabh chose not to reveal the same with his grandfather?

His grandfather was in Punjab Police and he was a man of principles and was not an easy personality to be convinced. Because of this, Prabh Gill never discusses his profession with him. Gill’s father was a theatre artist and Prabh had seen his father bowing to his grandfather’s decision and sacrificing many opportunities in his life. 

Therefore Prabh’s father always makes sure that he doesn’t inherit it to his son. Even Prabh Gill credits his success to his father.

It was the efforts of the father-son duo that made it possible to hide this huge secret from Prabh’s grandfather. Well besides Prabh we all are thankful to Gill’s father for motivating him to pursue his dreams or else the world would have missed a gem.

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