Here Is Why Sharry Maan Doesn’t Sings His Own Lyrics Anymore

Surinder Singh Maan aka Sharry Maan is the anmulle artist of the punjabi industry. He is a playback singer, lyricist, actor and vocalist. He has given many successful albums, tracks and movies. In 2019, Sharry also won the ‘Brit Asia TV Music Awards’ for best music video. He started his journey as a writer and singer with Yaar Anmulle. But lately, we have witnessed he is not an active lyricist. In an interview, he shared the reason why he is not singing his own writings.

After the release of the song ‘3 peg’, producers convinced him to do more and more commercial songs. Along with this, he himself was more inclined towards creating a playlist, doing live shows and concerts.Amidst the commercial race, he got distracted from his writing.

Nonetheless, this covid pandemic educates the unpredictability of life and now Sharry decided to work on his writings and release them. Now, he owns a production company, hence he is not dependent on others to record his songs.

It can be said that Sharry Maan is all set to bewitch the audience with his writing and voice.Sharry also gave a hint that in the coming years, he will release his penned songs

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