Here Is Why Sonam Bajwa’s Mother Doesn’t Like When Sonam Calls Her Pet ‘Baby’

Here Is Why Sonam Bajwa’s Mother Doesn’t Like When Sonam Calls Her Pet ‘Baby’

We believe the people who love animals are the best kind of people, and Sonam Bajwa undoubtedly is one among them. Her love for dogs can be seen on her social media accounts quite regularly. 

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Sonam Bajwa is so attached to her beloved, Simmba that even a day detached from it feels like months passed on. Lockdown was the time when Sonam and Simmba got very much attached to each other as it was the first time they spent these many days together. She feels that it is a privilege for a human to take care of any dog. It is what pure unconditional love is called. 

“Whenever I am stressed out or whatever I am facing in life, the moment I see my pet loving and staring at me, it excites me. I forget everything all of a sudden. I cannot imagine my life without Simmba now as I am so attached with it”, says Sonam. 

Further she reveals how her mom reacts when she calls her pet ‘My Baby’ or ‘My Child’. “If I call out Simmba by saying, My Baby or My Child, my mother angrily reacts, ‘How can you say so to a pet? You can’t call it your baby, he isn’t your toddler’. “But she doesn’t own any pet so she can’t understand how lunatic this love is. She is quite old fashioned”, chuckles Sonam. 

It is an ‘Awww’ moment to see when you find unconditional love between a human and a pet in this harsh world. Seeing it even makes us emotional and amazed at the same time. 

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By the way, apart from Sonam Bajwa, many other Pollywood artists too have a soft corner for pets. In this league, first comes the actress Tania, who owns 16 pets and looks after them as her babies. Parmish Verma, Ammy Virk, Sunanda Sharma, Wamiqa Gabbi and others are on the table too. 

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