Here Is Why This 15 Year Old Vendor Selling Vegetables Is Viral On Social Media

He might just be 15 or 16 years old but Navpreet Singh is already such a responsible young boy that many netizens believe he is surely going to be successful in the future! He was recently pictured riding a cart with a basin filled with vegetables. The video went viral, sparking many comments about this young lad’s determination.

Navpreet Singh is in the 10th class and lives at Khanna, Punjab. His father died last year and he has his mother, two elder sisters and one younger brother in the family.  He has to miss his online classes due to vegetable selling but her eldest sister who is in 12th standard attends his class and teaches him when he comes back.

The kid admitted that he had actually been selling for the last one year. While his mother didn’t ask him to do it, the kid said he simply wanted to help so they could have some food. He also said that he wants to become a police officer and will surely crack the exam after he finishes his schooling. Also, he expressed his feelings that sometimes vegetables get rot and other times people do bargaining. As it’s not his age of labour, he wished that he could play with kids of his age and enjoy his life.

The video has been shared on Clothing brand page @Sikh Beard

Original Video link from BBC News Channel:

Many netizens praised Navpreet and his perseverance and his sense of responsibility. People asked about his details so that they can offer some help to the kid and his family. So, let’s see the video of Navpreet Singh and support the kid.

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