Here & There (BTFU) Review: Karan Aujla Proves Once Again, Lyrics, Vocals Or Video, He’s A Master Of All

After ruling the world charts with its audio version, the official music video of one of the most loved tracks out of Karan Aujla’s debut album BTFU, Here & There, is finally here! Directed by Rupan Bal, the video completely does justice to the masterpiece song lyrics by Karan Aujla.

One thing to watch out in the video is the production quality. Karan Aujla is surely leaving no stones unturned in making his debut career album as grand as possible and the video of Here & There is a statement for it. After two extravagant and engaging music videos of Chu Gon Do ? and Click That B Kicking It, the hopes from Rupan Bal were very high for Here & There, and the director did not fall short of the expectations.

The camerawork is so smooth and clean and every frame feels fresh! The swift transitions, the panning, the drone shots, everything makes the video fast paced which goes well with the music and the composition of the song. Karan Aujla’s dressing sense has always been a fashion statement and in the video of Here & There too, his costumes and styling was perfect.

The part of the video shot with the Flamethrower brings a new concept to the industry. We have never seen a singer shoot with a flamethrower before. The selection of locations by the team has also been magnificent. The colour of the surroundings and Karan’s costume theme has been taken proper care of to blend everything well. 

Overall, the music video of Here & There has lived up to the hype that the audio version of the song had created. When it was released, Here & There was one of the most loved songs among the many in the album. People praised the song’s writing and the folk-touch music given by Tru Skool. And now, it will be equally praised for its music video as well for sure!

Listen to the full song with its official music video here:

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