Here’s All The Struggle Sardool Sikander Went Through To Make His Place In The Industry

Legendary singer Sardool Sikander has embarked his name in everyone’s heart. His name is not only restricted to Punjabi industry, but known to all over the nation. But Sikander who ruled on the hearts of fans had to face a lot of obstacles for reaching heights in his career.

The legendary singer once unveiled in an interview, that from being a Singer to an actor, he has been through rejections and resilience. The folk singer has created a buzz all over the nation with his debut album ‘Roadways Di Lari’. But behind this hit debut album, there’s a very interesting and heart touching story. 

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Sardool revealed that during his struggling days, there was a music company named HMV and the one who got selected for recording is certified as a successful star and others don’t. So he wished to work and record his song with the company. But due to his looks and shabby clothes he got refused every time. 

One of the reasons behind his shabby clothes was that he couldn’t afford good clothes and another reason will touch your heart. The late artist used to travel 4 O’Clock in morning in a newspaper van and reached there before the call time. He then slept in the gardens and then used to go to the recording studio in those clothes only. Due to this, he looked like a burglar and sometimes he had to bear with the police too. 

However, this process happened a number of times. He requested them to at least listen to him once. But they rejected him and told him that the company can’t take risks with new artists. Then one fine day, he went with someone to play tumbi in a recording session, during that time while everyone was having lunch, he started humming a song. Some musicians listened to him and were impressed. They took him to the head and when they listened to him they all were etched and felt miserable that they always renounce such a talented artist just because of his clothes.

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As his destiny took him to the studio, he finally got a chance to work with them. They asked him to give dates and finally recorded his debut album ‘Roadways Di Lari’. Which undoubtedly became a blockbuster album. And since then, the artist has never looked back and maintained his position in the industry.

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