Here’s How Makers Reacted After Hearing Wamiqa Gabbi’s Dialogues In A Tamil Film

Wamiqa Gabbi is believed to be the ‘Multi-Lingual Queen’ because of her amazing work in the various Indian film industries. She has done many films in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and of course Punjabi cinemas. Receiving the much-needed appreciation and amazing response she is further moving forward in the regional cinemas with her amazing language skills. 

The actress once revealed about her experience on the sets of her debut Tamil film in 2016, Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam which was a romantic drama with Wamiqa’s character as Manoja. She disclosed how the crew members reacted to her when she delivered the movie dialogues in Tamil for the first time on the sets of the film. 

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“When I recited the dialogues for my first Tamil film, everybody on the sets were unaware of the fact that I was a Punjabi girl, everybody knew that I was a Tamilian girl. I worked hard on my long Tamil dialogues and it came out to be so good and no one on the sets was aware that I was a Punjabi and even did not believe it when it was told”, said Wamiqa Gabbi. 

Later when she went for the interviews, the interviewers asked her the questions and tried to talk with her in Tamil language, where she cleared that she didn’t know Tamil as she was a Punjabi girl and was aware of only Punjabi, English and Hindi languages. The people there were shocked and said that they have seen her in Tamil films and she spoke very well of Tamil language. 

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But it was just her hard work and the learning of the language (dialogues), which she performed so well on-screen that no one believed that Wamiqa was not a Tamilian. Furthermore, Wamiqa Gabbi said that if any artist from another region doesn’t know the language he wants to work in, it is totally fine if the dialogues are on point and he can surely succeed further in that. 

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