Here’s Karan Aujla’s Experience When He Faced The Camera For The First Time

Here's Karan Aujla's Experience When He Faced The Camera For The First Time

‘Geetan Di Machine’ Karan Aujla has now become a household name. The singer not only had great vocals but had amazing writing skills. In fact, he has stepped into Punjabi industry when he offered the lyrics of Range to Jassie Gill. He then polished his writing skills and now Karan has given lyrics to many ace singers of Punjabi industry.

But when thought about how Karan had started his musical journey, the answer came out that he started with the debut song “Cell Phone” with his friend Mac Benipal which was released in 2014. The song reached the audience slowly but whoever had heard it, they loved the song. For the shoot, he managed to collect around 22,000 rupees from his sisters and friends and some of the money was contributed by Mac and they shot the video. 

But there’s a life-changing story behind this song as this is the first time Karan has faced the camera. He was young and amateur. Moreover, he said that during the time of the shoot whenever the camera came to him he got nervous and was not able to overlook it. 

Karan got scared and for around one and half years he didn’t sing any songs and didn’t do any music videos. He thought that only writing will make him successful as facing the camera is not his cup of tea. But slowly and steadily, he tried to withstand the camera and never give up. He works on the quote ‘Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win’. Now we can see Aujla in every video. And you will surely not believe that he is that person who was once afraid of facing the camera.

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