Here’s SRK’s Reply When He Was Asked If He Will Choose Acting Of Wife Gauri Khan

Shahrukh Khan is a name that needs no introduction. He is not only the king of Bollywood but also the king of millions of hearts. He has been a part of various amazing and superhit films, and he’s always been celebrated for the same. 

If you too are one among the millions of his fans, you must have watched his movies and interviews too. And you must also know how much he loves and respects his wife, Gauri Khan. But do you know in an interview, Shahrukh Khan was once asked a weird question about what if he had to choose between his career and wife? And Shahrukh actually had an answer for it.

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There is no doubt in the fact that this question is not only unwanted but difficult to answer as well. On one side, there was his superhit career which earned him massive fan following and love from fans. And on the other, Gauri, who stood by him when he had nothing. The choice really was difficult, but guess what SRK answered the question with? 

He surely and easily could have ignored the question with a diplomatic answer, but he chose a straight reply. In no time, he said that he’ll choose Gauri today and every time he will have to make any choice against her. It was in 1992, when he said to stardust that his wife always comes first for him. Also, he clearly stated that he can even leave films if he had to choose between Gauri and them. 

He said, 

“My wife comes first. And I can tell you this much that if ever I am asked to make a choice between my career and Gauri, I’ll leave films…I mean I would go insane but for her. She’s the only thing I have…I love her body. I am hooked to her.”

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No one can argue against the fact that apart from being the most popular and loved romantic hero of Bollywood Film Industry, in real life too, Shahrukh is an absolute lover boy. His love for his wife, his lady love, Gauri Khan is young even today, and he never fails to express or openly confess it. 

The couple had started dating each other before he became an actor, and also got married in 1991 before the release of his debut movie. We are sure, this love story of Srk and Gauri is the perfect example to teach people about the level of commitment required in a relationship.

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