Here’s Why 20,000 Indians Advised To Leave Ukraine. Read In Detail

India has asked its citizens living in Ukraine to leave the country on a temporary basis amid the uncertainties arising in the country. It has also directed Indians to avoid any kind of non-essential travel to and within the country. A large part of Indians living in Ukraine consist of students. There are about 20,000 Indian students currently studying in Ukraine. 

The Indian Embassy in the Ukrainian Capital, Kyiv, issued an official statement, directing Indians to leave the country. The statement comes after increasing tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Speculations are that Russia could attack Ukraine’s capital Kyiv any moment. Though Russia has been denying the rumours of attack, the US and Britain have been warning of it. The US also relocated its embassy from Kyiv on a temporary basis amid rising tensions. In the recent days, Russia has increased its troop deployment around the borders of Ukraine.

The war has existed since February, 2014 and is centered on the status of Crimea and parts of the Donbas. The territories are largely recognized as parts of Ukraine. Ukraine draws strong support from foreign countries. This time, Russia is resisting Ukraine’s move towards European institutions such as NATO and the EU. Russia demands the Western Powers to ensure that Ukraine won’t join NATO, which is a defensive group of 30 countries. 

“In view of the uncertainties of the current situation in Ukraine, Indian nationals in Ukraine, particularly students whose stay is not essential, may consider leaving temporarily. Indian nationals are also advised to avoid all non-essential travel to and within Ukraine.”

“Indian nationals are requested to keep the Embassy informed about the status of their presence in Ukraine to enable the Embassy to reach them where required. The Embassy continues to function normally to provide all services to Indian nationals in Ukraine,” the official statement added.

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