Here’s Why Garry Sandhu Calls American Model Kylie Jenner ‘Fake Shit’

Several times, in the Punjabi industry,  artists are often seen taunting and pointing out at each other in various ways. Also, there are different ways for them to present their point on social media now. Recently, Garry Sandhu was also caught lashing out at the people who fake things. 

The very popular Garry Sandhu recently took to his social media and shared his opinion on the people who fake everything rather than being the original one. He shared a picture tweet which said, ‘5 years ago Zayn liked one of Kylie’s pictures, got headlines and she invited him to her birthday party, he then got home and unliked it’. None got to know the motto of this sharing from Garry Sandhu’s end and the artist then clarified his point of view regarding the same. 

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Garry Sandhu in his story pointed and called out Kylie Jenner ‘Fake Shit’ in response to it and even hit out at the fake people for not being original. He said whether a person is famous at whatever level but if he is fake then the value remains zero. In addition to it he clarified his opinion of the fake world by saying that a decent man always needs a decent lady not this (Kylie) sort of fraud shit. “Be Original”, concluded Sandhu. 

Garry has now opened up about his likings which among them is of not faking anything and people are even supporting his point on social platforms. It is always found very exciting for the netizens to deal with such remarks made by their favourite artists and now was the turn for Garry Sandhu. 

Meanwhile, Garry is all set to release his upcoming album, ‘Adhi Tape’ on the 11th of November whose tracklist is already out and is almost ready to rock the music platforms. 

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