Origin Of Meme “Hey Prabhu”, Take A Look At The Original Video

Memes have become an integral part of our social conversations now. A meme is basically an image, music video or a piece of text which is humorous in nature and is shared virally through social media. With rapid social media usage, the tendency of a meme video getting viral gets a ten times increment. Some of the viral memes include So beautiful so elegant, Moi Moi and many more. 

One such meme which has been getting viral on the internet is “Hey Prabhu, Hey Premanand” one. This meme audio is trending all over the internet and people are using it to express their problems and troubles in a humorous way. But what was the original video? 

Original video of “Hey Prabhu, Hey Premanand” Meme

The original video of this meme shows three guys struggling humorously to get through the water that has been flooded in their house. 

All of their bodies are halfway under the water and their house is filled with the flood water. In that situation, the two of them decided to make a video where one of the guys starts by saying “Hey Prabhu, Hey, Premanand…” which gets viral on the internet. 

The video went instantly viral after the netizens found the original source of this hilarious meme. Social media is indeed a unique platform on which any video or an audio gets viral if it clicks the right audience.

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