Himachal Pradesh To Kanyakumari: Hitesh Kumar Decides To Travel 3500km By Foot

Himachal Pradesh To Kanyakumari: Hitesh Kumar Decides To Travel 3500km By Foot

Everyday people wake up and they have the option to do right or wrong things with our nature. But there are a lot more things which people can do to change our planet and save them. One among them is social media influencer Hitesh Kumar who decided to protect mother earth and his life by walking more than 3500 km from Himachal Pradesh to Kanyakumari.


Hitesh embarked on his journey on July 29 at 5 in morning from Sundernagar District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh to reach the final destination Kanyakumari covering more than 3500 km on foot. Along the way, Hitesh spread awareness on environment protection, the importance of planting, and fitness. Moreover, in his Instagram story, he disclosed that a few months back he went into depression and was mentally unstable. However, he decided not to commit anything against his life and do something productive. 

Now, this social media influencer is on his journey, enjoying every bit of his life and moment. He also explains that after taking this step, he feels optimistic. Now his life is full of hope as he has a motto to do something for himself and others. 


Though he took a solo journey, he said that several friends and well-wishers poured their support which instilled confidence in him.

Team kiddaan wishes Hitesh Kumar a happy and safe journey ahead.

Also, you can follow him on Instagram and Youtube to see more of his Himachal Pradesh to Kanyakumari tour videos. 

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