Himansh Kohli Opens Up About His Breakup With Neha Kakkar

Nothing in this world is predictable, and so are relationships. A relationship can last a lifetime or not survive a month, everything is unpredictable here. Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli’s love story is a similar one.

The two were together for a long time, even featured in a music video and were the fan-favorite couple. But after 2018, things tend to change. The two parted their ways and ended the relationship in the year. 


After the breakup, Neha Kakkar did not hesitate to talk about it. She was quite open about it in the media and on television. She was even seen breaking down on TV during an episode of the reality singing show, Indian Idol.

But Himansh Kohli always looked reluctant to talk about the issue, but now, he too has decided to break his silence.

He opened up in an interview, saying that when you decide to remain shut regarding your personal life, people start judging you and assuming you to be wrong.

He states he doesn’t want to ‘wash his linen in public’ and that’s the only reason he was quiet.

Further adding to the statement, the actor said that he is extremely happy for Neha as she is doing great in her professional and personal life and by no means blames her for the breakup.

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