Himanshi Khurana Asks Friends To Write A Matrimonial Ad For Her, Here Is What They Came Up With

Himanshi Khurana is the dream girl of many Punjabi boys. Ever since she’s been to Bigg Boss, her fanbase has grown immensely and particularly in boys. Recently, the actress asked her friends to draw up the perfect matrimonial advertisement to find a groom for her. The results are hilarious.

Boys should take notes, because who can tell you more about Himanshi than her closest friends? Prior to impressing the girl of your dreams, you need to fulfil her friends’ requirements. You get the green light from friends, you are qualified. Take a look at these matrimonial advertisements crafted by Himanshi’s friends for her. Are you the perfect groom?

The matrimonials reveal one thing about Himanshi, impressing her is not everyone’s piece of cake. She wants a travel enthusiast, a man who can take care of her OCD and countless other things. Being her man of dreams is not easy but there surely must be a guy ticking all those boxes. Are you the one?

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