After Bawa, Now Himanshi Khurana Took a Stand For Farmers

The recent ordinance in Farmers’ Bills is becoming a hotter topic of discussions and arguments every minute. Not only Punjabi Celebrities are coming forward and presenting their take on this, farmers are also protesting against the same.

This is the time when Kangana Ranaut is disappointing many with her statements which she is tweeting one after another. In one of her tweets she indirectly highlighted Farmers as anti-nations because of their protest, which is not an easy to digest statement for us. Ranjit Bawa presented her with a bitter reply in his retweet. And in response to this, Kangana blocked him on Twitter.

After Bawa, now Himanshi Khurana is also in the list of celebrities who are commenting on this heated controversy. Not one or two, but she expressed her opinion through three different tweets in reply to Kangana Ranaut. She wrote that Kangana was her inspiration till yesterday, but the way she is writing about farmers is not acceptable. She added that for them, it is easy to earn money being artists, but farmers have to go through a lot. Apart from this, Himanshi also mentioned a few more examples, which are excellent. In the end, she also left a taunt for Kangana by raising a question that if Kangana can raise her voice against the injustice that she has been suffering from, then why can’t she talk right about the farmers too?

The aggression of people against this bill is increasing day by day, but we see nothing positive coming on the way to sort things easily

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