Himanshi Khurana V/s Shehnaaz Gill: The Ugly Catfight Might Have Just Started Again!

Himanshi Khurana and Shehnaaz Gill, both of whom are two of the most popular Punjabi celebrities all over the country, have had an ugly history between them. While the rift between them seemed to have settled down, recent developments hint at the opposite.

It all started when Telly Talk India decided to recall the time when Shehnaaz Gill’s father accused Himanshi Khurana of destroying his daughter’s career. Days after visiting the Bigg Boss house, Shehnaaz’s father blamed Himanshi for calling producers and asking them not to give work to Shehnaaz. He even said that if it wouldn’t have been his daughter, she would have committed suicide from all the torture.

Himanshi Khurana was quick to reply to Telly Talk India’s article. In a twitter thread, Himanshi replied by saying that “enough is enough” and wrote that she will no longer stay quiet. She also went on to reply to the accusations of suicide by Shehnaaz’s father. 


She wrote in a tweet that he needs to teach Shehnaaz first, who herself initiates controversy and plays the victim card. Shehnaaz Gill has not yet reacted to the comments made by Himanshi Khurana. 

The two have had a controversial history. They were indulged in a controversy after the release of Himanshi’s song, I Like It. Shehnaaz made some comments about the song which did not go well with Himanshi. The two then got engaged in an online spat, making comments about each other on social media platforms.

Punjabi Industry saw one of the worst online controversies arising among the two artists. Later, when all of it seemed to fade away, destiny planned their meeting again, this time in the most unexpected way. Shehnaaz and Himanshi met at the Reality Tv show, Bigg Boss and the catfight restaged the drama once again.
However, after walking out of the Bigg Boss house, we did not hear much about the rift between the two celebrities. In fact, Himanshi was all supportive of Shehnaaz at the time of Sidharth Shukla’s demise. But this recent reaction by Himanshi to Telly Talk states the opposite.

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