Why did Honey Singh Call his Old Songs Stupid? Lungi Dance is One of Them

Why did Honey Singh Call his Old Songs Stupid? Lungi Dance is One of Them

When we talk about Indian rappers and their raps, no one can ever skip Honey Singh. Yo Yo Honey Singh is one of the most popular rappers in our country. Most people’s childhoods have been spent listening to his songs. Honey Singh’s songs need no introduction. There isn’t any party that goes without playing his songs, be it Angreji Beat, Dope Shope, Blue Eyes, etc. 

His songs are catchy because the lyrics are quite simple and repetitive. Mostly listeners feel that his songs are sometimes misogynistic and senseless, and recently, in an interview, Yo Yo Honey Singh called his own songs stupid. 

While giving an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Yo Yo Honey Singh mentioned some of his songs that made him quite famous. He talked about some lyrics, such as Blue Hai Paani, Lungi Dance, and Aunty Police Bula Legi. While talking about these songs, he said that they were “stupid”. He revealed how he wrote his song Blue Hai Paani on a flight without giving it much thought. He even said that he was aware of the fact that his songs made no sense back then, but he kept going and releasing them. 

Some videos and photos of that interview have surfaced on social media and gone viral. Some of the fans are happy to see him becoming self aware and his self realization coming to senses. Other fans feel that these songs worked because they were catchy and simple.  Some fans also feel that this is a publicity stunt by Yo Yo Honey Singh to make his songs popular so that more users listen to them.

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