‘Honey Singh Jogge E Reh Jaana Tusi’, Master Saleem Makes Degrading Remark In A Video Shared By Alfaaz.

Live concerts and shows have been the cause of controversy among the artists many times and the Punjabi audience knows it very well. Now it seems that another dissension in the industry, between Alfaaz and Master Saleem has taken place. 

Everybody is aware of the fact that Alfaaz is a good friend of rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh since their initial days of career. Now the former has lately shared a snippet from Punjabi artist Master Saleem’s live show where he can be seen making impolite remarks on Yo Yo. 

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The video shared shows Master Saleem requesting the audience to listen to good music rather than to what they listen now. He targeted Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah and said that these artists might be good according to the people but not in the race of best ones. 

“Listen to fine music, respect the good singers, tell your kids about the legendary artists like Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar and more otherwise you will be worthy of Honey Singh kind of artists only.”, said Master Saleem to the audience. Later, he even mocked the way these earlier mentioned rappers sing and present their music. 


Master Saleem sighted this video and shared his opinion and mentioned that the video Alfaaz shared is very old and he has interacted with Honey Singh many times after that, he does respect the artist very much. “People just find a way to put down another artist and raise the issue of a flashback story which was forgotten times back”, added Master Saleem. Not just Saleem but netizens have also flooded Alfaaz’s comment section under that post by saying that this is a very old video and both the artists have supported each other many times after that. 


Master Saleem is usually seen making hilarious comments in his live shows and is considered as a joyous artist but this humorous video of him pointing out Honey Singh has made him the talk of the industry again. 

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