Honey Singh: The Man Who Faced It All, The Rise, Fall And The Mind Blowing Rise Once Again

Honey Singh undoubtedly is an artist who does not need any introduction. Everyone knows that he is no longer a Punjabi rapper, or a mere famous musical celebrity only, as he has turned himself into a brand. The artist marked the beginning of his success with the album International Villagers and with songs like Glassi, Lak 28 Kudi Day, Bring Me Back and many others. Most of his songs bagged popular awards like ETC Awards, PTC Awards, Best Sound and more. 

Despite being a famous rapper worldwide, Honey Singh does not like to sing in English and mostly uses the Punjabi language in songs. He lent his voice to superstars like Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan which surely added to his career graph and made his success even more epic. Hence, it didn’t take him long to make his name popular in the four corners of the world. 

However, all the glitters that he earned for himself did not sustain for too long. After getting so much popularity, there came a time in the singer’s life when surprisingly his songs stopped touching the skies. And then slowly with time, the legendary and fan favorite Honey Singh disappeared from the entertainment world.

It was obvious that a lot of questions came to light about his sudden disappearance. He went off track for 18 months and didn’t appear on the media. Some said he had phased out while some argued that he was in rehab. Honey Singh later clarified that he was at his house in Noida combatting Bipolar disorder, along with admitting that he was an alcoholic too. He changed four doctors and the medications weren’t working fine.

Despite his dark past, he marked his mind blowing comeback with the Punjabi movie ‘Zorawar’ and he has been in oblivion ever since. He delivered songs like Makhna, Chote Chote Peg, Dil Chori and the list went on which helped him revive his musical career once again. And he once again managed to become the backbone of not only Pollywood but Bollywood Music Industry as well, and not to forget that the producers are still ready to spend hefty amounts to get him on board.

From little kids mugging up the lyrics of his songs to every club playing only his music, Honey Singh became a household name and he will remain the legend who transformed the music trends like it was no big deal for him.

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