Yo Yo Honey Singh Pays Tribute To Sidhu Moosewala With His Signature ‘Thaapi’

The industry has been left shook after the murder of Sidhu Moosewala in broad daylight. While the whole world pays tribute to the late singer, a video of Yo Yo Honey Singh has gone viral over social media where he pays his tribute to the great artist.

At a concert in Mumbai on 5 June, organised by Bhamla Foundation on the occasion of the World Environment Day, Yo Yo Honey Singh paid tribute to the late singer Sidhu Moosewala by doing his signature ‘Thaapi’ step. Sidhu Moosewala’s super hit ‘So High’ played in the background while Honey Singh paid his tribute to Sidhu.

Honey Singh had praised Sidhu Moosewala for his art on various occasions. He once played Sidhu Moosewala’s track ‘Sohne Lagde’ on his live interaction with his fans and praised him for the lyrics, composition and the level of production in the song.

Sidhu Moosewala was murdered by unknown assailants on 29 May while he was driving his Mahindra Thar near the village Jawaharke, Mansa, Punjab. “One bullet killed one physically, but millions mentally”. A quote widely shared on social media is enough to define what Sidhu Moosewala’s death has caused to the community.

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Be it Pollywood, Bollywood or the Western Music Industry, everyone has mourned the death of the great singer. While Sidhu is no more physically among us, the public demands justice to be served to Sidhu’s family by punishing the murderers for committing such heinous crime.

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