Honsla Rakh Trailer Review: It Looks Super Fun And We Are Already Waiting For The Movie

Honsla Rakh Trailer Review: It Looks Super Fun And We Are Already Waiting For The Movie

The trailer of the awaited movie Honsla Rakh is finally released. The movie is already in the watchlist of various fans of Punjabi Cinema due to various reasons. The movie stars Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa and Shehnaaz Kaur Gill in the lead roles, and three of these have impressed us in the trailer.

The trailer starts with an ironic scene where Diljit gets irritated by an infant baby of someone in a restaurant, but little did he know that he himself is going to land in the same trouble soon. Diljit and Shehnaaz play a romantic couple but Shehnaaz is seen making it clear that she doesn’t want babies, and Diljit agrees. But Shehnaaz happens to be pregnant with Diljit Dosanjh. The story gears up when Shehnaaz and Diljit get divorced and Shehnaaz makes sure that Diljit keeps their child’s custody. 

Unwillingly Diljit becomes a single parent, and the journey of his fatherhood is something that gives us doses of laughter. From changing the diapers to keeping a track of what’s good for an infant, Diljit does everything. But since he is still single and aspires to get married, he meets Sonam Bajwa and falls for her. And here comes the real story that the trailer highlights about the effect on the relationship between Diljit and Sonam, when Shenaaz makes her entry in Diljit’s life once again. 

You can see Shinda Grewal playing the character of ‘Honsla’, Diljit and Shehnaaz’s child in the movie, and his equation with his father is something to fall in love with. Apart from the entertaining and unique concept, we are also very satisfied with the background score and the introduction of the music in the movie. And, we believe there is no doubt the trailer entertained us to the fullest, and we are eagerly waiting for the movie to release soon. The trailer surely proved that Honsla Rakh is going to be a Romantic comedy movie, but we believe that the team has kept the emotional moments as the final surprise. 

Anyway, the wait for the movie isn’t too long, as its release date is approaching. Directed by Amarjit Singh Saroon, Honsla Rakh will hit the theatres on 15th October on the occasion of Dussehra this year. 

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