Hours After Modi – Sunak Meeting, UK Gives A Green Flag To 3,000 VISAs For Indian Nationals!

Hours after the meeting of India’s PM Narendra Modi and UK PM Rishi Sunak, Mr. Sunak has given green flag to a program offering 3,000 visas for young individuals from India to work in the United Kingdom every year. Notably, this will provide degree educated Indian nationals in the age group of 18–30 years with an opportunity to participate in a cultural and professional exchange. 

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As per the information, the reciprocal route will open in the beginning of the year 2023. Moreover, the strength of the UK-India Migration and Mobility Partnership, which was established last year, was highlighted by the UK government’s claim that India is the first visa-national country to benefit from such a program, as stated by the official statement from the UK PMO. 

The Indo-Pacific region, according to UK prime minister Rishi Sunak, is becoming more and more important for both our security as well as prosperity. Moreover, the events that take place in this region will define the next ten years because it is teeming with vibrant economies that are expanding quickly. Subsequently, it’s great news for those planning to go to the UK. 

UK prime minister Rishi Sunak, in a statement, said, “”I am personally aware of the tremendous value of our country’s close cultural and historical ties to India, and am happy that more of India’s most talented youth will now have the chance to experience everything that life in the UK has to offer – and vice versa – enriching our economies and societies.

A significant portion of the UK’s immigrant population is made up of members of the Indian diaspora, and about one-fourth of all international students studying there are from India. Notably, India and the UK are now negotiating a trade agreement; if approved, it will mark the first such business deal of India with a European nation. 

Moreover, the trade agreement would strengthen the £24 billion trading relationship between the UK and India and enable the UK to take advantage of the opportunities presented by India’s expanding economy.

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