Here’s How A Derailed Train Goes Back On Track. The Video Will Astonish You

We have heard many cases about car accidents, road accidents, buses, trucks and train accidents. While speaking of train accidents, derailment is usually one of the most common reasons for accidents. But have you ever wondered how a train is positioned back on track after the derailment?

Two Indian passenger trains lay next to each other following a derailment after they were hit by flash floods on a bridge outside the town of Harda in Madhya Pradesh state on August 5, 2015. Two passenger trains derailed after being hit by flash floods on a bridge in central India, killing at least 27 people in the latest deadly accident on the nation’s crumbling rail network. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

A video of a derailed train being placed on the track was shared on the popular Facebook page “Hmmmmmm“, which is known for its viral content.

Because the train is not a bike or a small car, the pick up and put it on the track cannot be used. So, how is this actually done? 

In the video, two large plastic platforms were kept on track and the derailed coach of the train was tied with a rope and pulled with the help of an engine. The coach’s platform can be seen derailed from the track. 

The above video has been viral like a storm. Viewers couldn’t believe that two pieces of plastic could do wonders and railed back the train on its position. 

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