How A Real Life Incident Inspired Sidhu Moosewala’s Song Line ‘Jithe Banda Maarke Kasoor Puchhde’

Sidhu Moosewala isn’t just a singer, but a journey that has seen the lowest as well as the highest points of the Punjabi Music Industry. Though this journey had begun a long time ago, it was finally in 2017 that Sidhu Moosewala came on the camera for the first time ever as a singer with the song ‘ G Wagon’. But do you know it wasn’t just a song talking about violence, it has an interesting story related to Sidhu’s village behind it.

“Jithe Banda Maarke Kasoor Puchhde, Jatt Us Pind Nu Belong Karda”, the main line of Sidhu’s debut track might sound as an exaggeration but if you will go into the history of his village Moosa, you’ll actually find out that it is a fact. Sidhu revealed that his father used to tell him a tale which ultimately became the source for his debut track as a singer.

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Sidhu revealed that at one time, an army retired officer named Keeri Baba used to live in their village and he always possessed a gun. Another man named Paala, who was a bit of an immature guy, also lived in their village. Once, Keeri Baba was going to submit his weapon and was passing through the village ‘Sath’. Paala, who was sitting there, mocked Keeri Baba by saying, “Ui Tamba Chakki Firda, Kadi Chalayi V Ae”. 

He made Baba Keeri’s fun in front of 10-20 people. Baba Keeri asked Paala to stand up and show him that he can use it. Paala stood up in front of the gun and Baba Keeri shot him dead on the spot. This legend related to Sidhu Moosewala’s village ‘Moosa’ served as the basis for his song G Wagon. All thanks to this tale that the Punjabi Music Industry got one of the most successful singers of all times.

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