How Did Jayy Randhawa End Up Doing The Film Shooter?

We all have already watched the film ‘Shooter’. There is no doubt that Shooter exceeded everyone’s expectations and can be defined as one of the best Punjabi movies in recent times. 

To make the story of a gangster successful as a film, it required a dominating lead character playing the role of Sucha and Jayy Randhawa was only doing his debut film. The movie Shooter wouldn’t have been the same if Jayy Randhawa was not playing the lead. How did he end up playing the role of a gangster in the movie Shooter?

So Jayy Randhawa had always wanted to be an actor. He was initially an anchor, who turned singer. Despite disagreement from his friends, he still went on to become a singer. When his singing career took off, Jayy wished to do his debut film. The same friends again showed dejection on the idea.

But Jayy was clear with his vision, he told them that he’s always wanted to be an actor. The major reason behind shifting my profession from an anchor to a singer, was because I wanted to exhibit my acting skills in front of the audience and now I want to impress the audience by doing a film. 

The singer-turned actor went on a topic expedition. His first choice of topic for a film was the life story of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Many Bollywood movies have been made on the life of the great martyr but the Punjabi film industry has never covered the topic.

But he had to drop the idea because no producer would agree to do a film on the topic. Jayy felt like if a well-established actor had approached the producers with the same idea, they might have agreed to do it.  

After going through 5-6 topics, he finally bumped into the topic of gangster life. The movie was initially produced by Jayy’s good friend, KV Dhillon and then Charanjeet Singh joined the team as the producer. Jayy had to find the directors and the team himself for the movie.

And all this hustle ended up as one of the finest movies of recent times and millions of praises for Jayy’s role as the gangster. The movie has not hit the theatres yet as it was banned by the Chief Minister of Punjab citing the promotion of violence but we can surely expect it to officially release once the theatres are open.

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