How Did Jayy Randhawa Get His Name? Is This His Real Name?

Call him B Jay Randhawa, Bikramjit Singh Randhawa or Jayy Randhawa, he is one. Jayy Randhawa has earned an enormous fan following with his continuous hard work and endless dedication. He started from participating in a television reality show and struggled to get work as well.

But hard work always pays and Jayy Randhawa also became the favorite of many. But do you know he has adopted various names throughout his career and life till now?

The most notorious kid in the school Bikramjit Singh Randhawa had no idea that he will change his name in the future.

But when was selected to host 9X Tashan’s show ‘Tashan Da Peg’ he was suggested to change his name as Bikram J Singh Randhawa was too long to remember. Hence they changed and promoted him as B Jay Randhawa. And this name turned out to be very lucky for him as he earned lots of love and recognition from it.

Later when the artist decided to put a pause on his anchoring career and step into the acting world, he decided to adopt a new name once again.

He believed that B Jay Randhawa was dedicated for his anchoring and he needed a new name to start his acting career. And he decides to make the name even shorter i.e. Jayy Randhawa. 

No matter be it Bikramjit, B Jay or Jayy Randhawa, all his names as cool as he is. But we wonder if there is any other actor or celebrity in Punjabi Industry who has changes his name as many times as Jayy Randhawa?

If you know someone who has, do lwt us know.

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