How Did PropheC And Sidhu Moosewala Create The Melodious Sohne Lagde?

How Did PropheC And Sidhu Moosewala Create The Melodious Sohne Lagde?

It is once in a while when the gangster Jatt of the industry, Sidhu Moosewala, switches to the romantic side. And Sohne Lagde is his prime romantic side. The track came out almost 2 years ago but still makes couples sing along to the beautiful track and savour the moment. Sidhu collaborated with Indian-Canadian singer, songwriter and music producer PropheC.

PropheC added another layer of perfection and melody to the track and just made it even more beautiful. Do you know how Sidhu and PropheC ended up deciding to make a track together? Actually, Sidhu Moosewala was in Calgary, Alberta, Canada when he first met PropheC. Both the artists had a good time with each other and Sidhu told PropheC that he has been listening to his art since 2011 and he’s a big admirer of him. Initially, they had no idea of making a song or working together, all of it was completely instant!

PropheC was overwhelmed by the praise, coming from none other than Sidhu Moosewala himself. And all of a sudden, during the talks, Sidhu started humming the first verse of Sohne Lagde. He was with PropheC and had the first verse of the song ready with him. We all know what a master lyricist Sidhu Moosewala is. The man has written many of his superhit tracks just in a matter of minutes and on the spot! Sohne Lagde is also one of those tracks. 

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He only had the first verse ready with him and wrote the whole track on the spot. PropheC described that Sidhu is so perfect in his art that he would be having a conversation with his friends and all of a sudden, write the lyrics of a song. Some idea or lines would hit his mind and the song would be ready in no time. The same way PropheC and Sidhu Moosewala created the track Sohne Lagde that went on to become one of the biggest songs of both the artist’s careers.

PropheC also added that the duo is set to collaborate on a track again. Sidhu Moosewala and him had a chat with each other about making a song together. The audience would be awaiting the Sohne Lagde dynamic duo to deliver the same, once again!

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