How Did Roshan Prince Get His Stage Name? Read To Know The Full Story

It’s been a while since Roshan Prince has released a Punjabi song now, but that has not affected the love fans have for him in their hearts. His magical voice still moves you to the other world and there is no doubt that he is one of the most melodious singers of the Punjabi industry, till date!

Do you know how the name that shines like a bright star in the musical world, Roshan Prince, actually originated? Why did Roshan Prince decide to appear before the world through his stage name ‘Roshan Prince’? Actually, it is not just a name for, it represents a relationship of utmost respect, care and love, the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson.

Roshan was the name of Roshan Prince’s grandfather. He was also a very renowned artist of his times and Prince was Roshan Prince’s actual name. So ‘Roshan Prince’ is a fusion of his own and grandfather’s names. The artist wanted to take his grandfather’s art to the world through his name. He wanted to keep his grandfather’s legacy alive.

Roshan Prince’s name is nothing but a representation of pure love and utmost respect. It is said, if you have your grandparents with you, you are the luckiest! You have someone to guide you, who’ve themselves been through a whole life! What you are preparing for, they’ve already experienced. 

It is such a positive feeling when someone shows such gestures, out of pure respect, for their grandparents. Roshan Prince always has his grandfather with him, wherever he goes. He carries his blessings in his name itself, and that might be a big reason behind the artist’s success, who knows?

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