When A Writer Cheated Garry Sandhu, & Made Him Turn A Lyricist Himself

Garry Sandhu is now one of the most successful, loved and popular singers in Punjabi Music Industry. He is not only a great singer but an amazing lyricist and a phenomenal performer too. But he always wanted to become a singer only, and there was a specific incident that made him turn into a lyricist too.

And you might be surprised to know that he was once cheated by a writer and that made him decide to write for himself. In a viral video, Garry revealed an incident from 2003, when he paid 150 pounds to a writer to buy a song. 

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But unfortunately, the writer turned out to be a fraud who did not give the song to Garry. Later Garry paid 150 pounds more to the same writer in the hope of finally getting the song. 

But in place of getting any response, he one day noticed a song playing on his TV. He realized it was the same song that he had paid 300 pounds for. Garry literally witnessed another singer officially singing the song that he had paid for. And this was when he decided to write for himself. 

And that’s how Garry Sandhu penned the lyrics of ‘Dil De De’. Not only this, Garry Sandhu also revealed that he got inspired to create this composition from the popular Hindi song ‘Maye Ni Maye’ from the blockbuster hit movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. 

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This incident definitely is sad and must have been shattering for Garry Sandhu back then, but we are glad that it happened. Because this is what made Garry realise that he can write too. This is another instance that has proved right the popular proverb ‘All That Happens, Happens For A Reason’.

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