How Kanwar Grewal Made Baba Beli, Writer Of His Debut Song Akhan, Cry With His Singing

Kanwar Grewal, recognized as one of the finest singers of today’s era, started his commercial singing career with the song ‘Akhan’. It was written by one of Kanwar Grewal’s friends, Baba Beli and there is a beautiful story behind on what condition the song was given to Kanwar by Baba Beli. 

Baba Beli lived in a small village called Sheikhupura. Kanwar Grewal went to take the song ‘Akhan’ from him and they both settled at a deal of Rs. 7 for the song. But Baba Beli then made a shocking request. He asked Kanwar to sing a song that would make him cry, only then he’ll give him the song ‘Akhan’. Kanwar Grewal was blown away with this request. He started thinking about how his singing can make someone cry.

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So, Kanwar Grewal finally went to Baba Beli and sang the song ‘Mein Lajpalan De Lar Lagiyan’ for Baba Beli. You would be blown away to know that Kanwar Grewal was successful in making Baba Beli cry with his song. This is just another reason why Kanwar Grewal is regarded as one of the finest voices today. The sufi touch in his voice has made him a standout name in the industry. 

This was how Kanwar Grewal was successful in getting his first song ‘Akhan’ in just Rs. 7. One of Kanwar’s friends, Deep, shot the video of Kanwar singing the song for Baba Beli in a small ‘Kutiya’ and uploaded it on Youtube. This became his first ever song and many people became fans of his voice even when his career had not started. Such is the aura of this man.

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In an age where success and singing skills are measured by the views and streams, Kanwar Grewal has kept the true art of singing alive. He might not have billions of views on Youtube or streams on Spotify but there are few singers who can reach the level of singing of the one and only Kanwar Grewal.

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