Did You Know How Much Deepika Padukone Charged For Her Cameo In The Film ‘Jawan’?

As we all know, the SRK starrer Film Jawan saw a blockbuster opening on 7 September 2023 and is breaking records just like Pathaan. The film has grossed 650 crore worldwide till now!

But amidst this, did you know how much did Deepika Padukone, who played a cameo role in the movie Charged For Her role.

Well, Deepika revealed that she didn’t even charge a penny for her role in the movie. Yes you read that right!

Deepika  when asked in The Week interview if she charges anything for doing special appearances, Deepika said, “No, I don’t. I wanted to be a part of 83 because I wanted it to be an ode to women who stand behind their husbands’ glory. I watched my mother do it. This was my homage to wives who make sacrifices to support their husbands’ careers. Other than that, any special appearance for Shah Rukh Khan, I am there. Same with Rohit Shetty.” 

Talking about her relations with Shah Rukh Khan she said “We are each other’s lucky charm. But honestly, we are beyond luck. We have a sense of ownership over each other. I am one of the few people he is vulnerable with. There is so much trust and respect, and I think that luck is just the cherry on the top,”

Concluding, Deepika added, “I’ve never been fascinated by numbers whether it was Maths in school or the numbers of Pathaan. I was just happy that cinemas had come alive again, that people had come alive again. I was really grateful for that.”

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