How Much Do Flying Beast, Gaurav Taneja Earns? Read To Know His Income

Gaurav Taneja who is popularly known as Flying Beast on social media is one of the more outstanding Indian YouTubers. He is also known to be a fitness lover, commercial pilot and nutritionist. You have probably seen his video rounds on the internet, where he always engages with his fans through his entertaining content. Also, engaging in so much work excites people to know his salary and net worth, so need not worry, here is everything you need to know about it.

According to the reports, Flying Beast, Gaurav Taneja makes around Rs 1.4 lakhs a month through his videos. Also, Gaurav Taneja’s earning is mostly from his YouTube videos and his job as a pilot. He runs three youtube channels, Flying Beast, FitMuscle TV, Rasbhari Ke Papa. From all these YouTube channels and various sponsorships on them, Gaurav Taneja’s income is believed to be more than $30,000 every month which is near about Rs 22 lakhs.

About Gaurav Taneja

The 34-year-old YouTuber is married to Ritu Rathee who is also a commercial pilot. They both got married in 2015 and welcomed their baby daughter Kaira Taneja aka Rasbhari in 2018. You can also spot Gaurav posting cute videos of his daughter on social media.

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