How Much Do You Save During Valentine’s Week If You’re Single?

Valentine’s Day, the day of love, is preceded by Valentine’s Week. Starting from 7 February every year, it extends till 14 February and leaves couples with empty pockets! While being single during Valentine’s Week is heartbreaking, it surely comes with some perks. You are saved from all the extra money that couples spend during this whole week. Ever wondered how much you save during Valentine’s week being single?

List of roughly estimating how much you save being single during the Valentine’s week

1. Buying a flower bouquet (Rs. 400)

2. Buying cards (Rs. 100)

3. Buying expensive Valentine’s edition chocolates (Rs. 500)

4. Buying Teddy Bear (Rs. 1000)

5. Booking Hotel rooms (Rs. 5000)

6. Going on a date (Flowers – Rs. 100, Booking a table – Rs. 1000, Meal expense – Rs. 2000, Total – Rs. 3100)

7. Buying fashionable clothes and accessories (Rs. 3000)

8. Deodorants, mouth freshners (Rs. 1000)

9. Gifts on Valentine’s day (Rs. 5000)

10. Fuel expense on long drives (Rs. 2000)

So, in total, Valentine’s day costs around Rs. 21,100. While it may differ from individual to individual, you are sure to spend something around this amount during Valentine’s. So, being single is not that bad after all during Valentine’s week. You could spend that money on yourself, start a new project, buy things to make yourself feel special. After all, self love is the purest form of love, which comes with no unreal-expectations, disappointments or efforts.

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