Do You Know How Much Urfi Javed Earns? Trust Us, It’s Way Higher Than Bollywood Celebrities

Who isn’t aware of the kind of storm Urfi Javed is?  She is one of the most popular and talked about actresses on social media right now. Be it due to her strong and bold statements or her style statements, she is always in the headlines. 

But have you ever imagined her earnings? Can you even guess what’s the amount she earns? And even if you have ever made wild guesses or are thinking of it right now, let us tell you that you’re not even close. 

We too were extremely surprised to know that the earnings of Urfi Javed are actually a lot more than what B-town celebrities get. Yes, you read that absolutely right. And we are not claiming it, this has been revealed by popular paparazzi Viral Bhayani

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In one of his interviews with the Hindustan Times, viral revealed that Urfi Javed sells like anything. He even disclosed that his sister also asked him once why they cover her so much. To this, he had to tell her that ‘covering her works’.

Viral stated, “Urfi Javed makes more money than any Bollywood actor right now. Even my sister questions us why we cover her so much. But she is working.”

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Though he did not specify the pricing of Urfi Javed for an individual project, collaborations or promotions, Viral comparing her earnings with Bollywood celebs is more than enough. 
The actress stays very active on social media and keeps updating her Instagram feed with her latest pictures. She had once revealed that she has no work and money, thus she has turned to experimenting with her looks and fashion by recycling clothes.

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