How Prabh Gill Lost A Competition Even After Grabbing The First Position!

Prabh Gill, rightly known as the king of sad songs, has earned himself a name like no other artist could, in the Punjabi Music Industry. The singer is not just a pure melody in songs, but those who’ve heard him live know that he’s as melodious in live too! He’s always been like that, the singer once grabbed the first position in a singing competition. But the interesting part is that he was disqualified soon after! Why?

So, it was during his college times that the singer performed in a singing competition at college level. But, interestingly, he wasn’t performing with his own name. The singer had actually not given his singing trials and had arrived late when his turn had already passed. So, Prabh, fond of singing, had to sing in the place of another contestant.

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Luckily, a contestant was not well and could not appear for the competition. So Prabh grabbed the opportunity and performed in his place. He sang the song ‘Challa’ live and without a doubt won the first position at the competition. However, the judges came to know about the fact that he was performing in place of some other contestant due to which he was disqualified from the competition. 

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The singer lost the competition even after winning it. It was held at Doraha College. Though he had a bitter ending, the singer describes the competition as an amazing experience. We all are surely able to recall such incidents in our life. It is interesting how the people we idolize, the people we watch on the big screen everyday, have quite the same life as we do. 

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