How PUBG Got Aastha Gill The Superhit Song, Kamariya?

Yes, you read it right! The mobile phone game PUBG got Aastha Gill the superhit track, Kamariya. Released in 2018, Kamariya song was one of the biggest hits of its time. It was everywhere, at parties, in the cars, in clubs and everywhere! It was released as a movie song from Rajkumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor starrer ‘Stree’. And Nora Fatehi’s inclusion in the song just made it one of the most loved tracks.

But, you would be blown away to know how Aastha Gill got a chance to sing this song. We all love PUBG! The mobile phone game has changed the way mobile gaming has worked for years and brought a revolution in the gaming industry. From kids to elderly people, you’ll find every age group playing the game. Aastha Gill was also crazy for the game!

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It was the composer duo of the song, Sachin-Jigar, who offered Aastha Gill a chance to sing the song. They were playing PUBG together and Aastha Gill used to dance to the song with various emotes in the game lobby. So, Sachin-Jigar offered her the song and it was how she got it. Aastha Gill’s unique voice is undoubtedly one of the major reasons behind the song’s huge success.

Sachin-Jigar even told Aastha to text them whenever she’s online and they’ll play together. So, we can conclude that PUBG isn’t always a career-spoiler or a time waste, sometimes it can prove to be a career-builder, as it did for Aastha Gill! Aastha defines herself as a ‘crazy fan’ of PUBG but isn’t actually addicted to it.

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On the sets, she has been scolded many times by co-singer Badshah for playing PUBG. “Don’t play it in front of me, you people waste your time like this”, Badshah used to lash out at Aastha whenever she would play the game at sets. It is mind-blowing to know the interesting stories behind how our favourite songs were made.

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