iPhone 15 Scam: How Scammers are Looting Money by Using India Post’s Name?

iPhone 15 was launched in India on September 15, 2023. The 15 series were launched in an apple event called Wonderlust. At this event, many new iPhones such as iPhone 15, iPhone 15 plus, iPhone pro and iPhone 15 Pro max were released. 

Users have been very excited for this series and now that they are available in India, the demand for this much awaited phone series has increased a lot. 

Taking the advantage of such demand and craze, some scammers are now employing deceitful and crazy methods to deceive the buyers into buying such phones and thugging them. 

What is the iPhone 15 scam? 

India Post took to its X handle and shared that a fraudulent scheme has been going on in its name. These scammers under the name of India Post are falsely claiming that you can win brand new iPhones by sharing a particular message with your friends and groups. 

They have also been luring the users into clicking on the link to win that prize As their Navratri gifts. 

India Post also cautioned the Indians that do not fall prey to such tactics. They also shared that they are not offering any gifts or prizes through unofficial links and portals. India Post has also asked people to only rely on their official website and nothing else. 

RBI’s Warning

The Reserve Bank Of India has always Cautioned the citizens to not share their personal information with anyone. You should never upload your personal details on any unofficial site as it may cost you a fortune. Last but very important, you should never click on unverifiable links as they may expose your data to the hackers who are constantly trying to scam you.

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