How ‘Soni Pabla’ Debuted In The Punjabi Industry, The Story Behind His First Album Heeray

How ‘Soni Pabla’ Debuted In The Punjabi Industry, The Story Behind His First Album Heeray

What Soni Pabla achieved in his short yet decorated music career, few artists have ever been able to. Soni Pabla might have left the world in 2006 but his legacy will never die. There is no party that goes without people dancing to ‘Sohneyo Naraazgi Taan Nahi, Gal Dil Di Je Ikk Keh Deyaan’. 

‘Heeray’ was the first-ever album by Soni Pabla back in 2002 and there is an interesting story attached to it. Soni moved to Canada in 1994 and it was a decision that was about to change his whole life. Initially, Soni Pabla worked as a labourer in a factory but after sometime, Soni paid the price of overworking with his fingers. His fingers deteriorated with time and were damaged to such an extent that he was no longer able to work in the factory.

Then, he started his job as a truck driver. A singer is made a superstar with his hard work and time, but the art is always in him. Soni was no different. He was not a famous singer back then, but no one can deny that he was always talented. Soni was very fond of singing but he never actually took it seriously. 

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Rajinder Singh Raj and Mahesh Malwani were two people who changed Soni Pabla’s life forever. It was them who taught Soni Pabla all the minute details about music and made him fall in love with it. After acquiring musical knowledge, Soni was introduced to a music label called ‘Planet Records’ by Rajinder Raj and this was the moment which was going to change his life forever. Soni Pabla’s life was about to turn!

It was with Planet Records when in 2002, the legendary singer released his first ever album ‘Heeray’ which became a huge hit and Soni Pabla became a household name in Punjab. For his next album, he collaborated with one of the greatest figures in the Punjabi industry,  Sukhshinder Shinda. ‘Gal Dil Di’ was finally released by Soni Pabla and Sukhshinder Shinda and the name of the album, as well as the artist, were embedded in the history of Punjabi Music forever.

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Soni Pabla met with an end nobody wanted him to and nobody even expected. On 14 October, 2006, it was during a show at Brampton, Ontario, Canada, when one of the finest singers in the Punjabi Music Industry took his last breath. He went off the stage to take a glass of water and collapsed while drinking it. 

Paramedics tried to revive him but God had already put a full stop to the tale of Soni Pabla. We were left with countless questions, what remarkable heights would Punjabi Music and Soni Pabla’s career would have been if the singer hadn’t met with the unfortunate event. But for now, we only have his songs with his melodious voice to always keep us reminded of him. 

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