How Swaalina Got Into Her Character In Shooter Movie? Read To Know

An Indian Finnish actor, Swaalina who is the face of many songs. She has been featured in popstar Badshah and Gurinder Rai’s song, “Perfect,” in the video of “Billian Billian”. She is also known as ‘Prada girl’, after featuring in Jass Manak’s song ‘Prada’. Swaalina aka Halina Kuchey has not only made music videos but also appeared in several commercials. Apart from this, she has also acted in the Punjabi movie ‘Shooter’.

But the question arises, that Swaalina is not familiar with the Punjabi language, so how did she get the role. To this, the model turned actress Swaalina has shared her experience in one of the interviews. She says, while she was already doing music videos at that time, a lot of producers and directors started connecting with offers but the problem arose that she was not a Punjabi girl and didn’t speak the language, which used to be the biggest challenge for her.

But then she was given 15 days to learn the language. She was asked if she could speak fluent Punjabi then only she could grab the opportunity. Further, she told the makers that she would take up the challenge, and will work day and night over those 15 days. She revealed that she locked herself in a room, studied Punjabi, watched a lot of films, and hired a tutor. She didn’t do anything else, just studied the language.

She felt language is a door to culture. After around 13/14 days, she finally recorded a Punjabi monologue which she had written herself in the language. She then sent it to the makers, and they were quite impressed. 

But then she thought that maybe they weren’t expecting her to come back with this. But for her it was a dream, she loved acting and really wanted that. Eventually, the next day she was told about the shooting.

This experience of actress Swaalina teaches us that nothing is impossible in life if we are dedicated to our work.

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