How The Company Desi Crew Was Given Its Name

Goldy Kahlon and Satpal Mahi are the two names that are recognized worldwide for their contribution towards the music industry. Number of hit records, songs and albums that are loved by all of us are provided to us by them. This company has always been in demand and needs no introduction.

The two of them met in a studio named Sukh Darshan Studio in 2003, where Goldy was a part time singer and Satpal was pursuing training. The two decided to open their own studio at Satpal’s place where they can practice any time they want.

In an Interview, Bunty Bains (a very popular lyricist) shared how he played a huge part in giving the Desi Crew Company its name. Satpal set up a meeting with Bunty Bains via Facebook and recognizing their talent, Bunty agreed to meet with them.

Initially, their company was called GoldySatpal but after meeting Bunty, he suggested changing the company name. At that time, an album was named Mix Desi Crew in which various famous singer’s songs were to be included. From there, Bunty got the idea of giving the name ‘Desi Crew’ to the company and later mentored them on how to perform and achieve better.

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