How This Youtuber Became World’s Richest Man For 7 Minutes? Overtook Elon Musk

A UK-based Youtuber Max Fosh claimed to have become the richest person in the world for a brief 7 minutes. According to Forbes, the richest person in the world currently is, CEO Of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk with a net worth of $238 Billion.

Max Fosh explained in a Youtube video, how he surpassed Elon Musk’s massive wealth to become the richest man in the world, though only for a short period of time.

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The video titled ‘I Became The World’s Richest Man For 7 Minutes’ was uploaded on his Youtube channel ‘Max Fosh’ that has around 6,46,000 subscribers, on 13 February, 2022. In the video, he explains how he achieved this unimaginable feat.

He explained that he built a company ‘Unlimited Money Limited’ with 10 billion shares. Each share was priced at 50 pounds. This valued his company at 500 Billion pounds ($680 Billion), more than Elon Musk’s wealth. The firm’s business was chosen as ‘Making noodles, macaroni and such stuff’.

Max registers his company and he starts pitching his plans to random strangers on the street, convincing them to invest in his company. Later in the video, Max tells everyone that his company’s market cap had been assessed at 500 Billion Pounds.

But along with it, he also received a letter from his valuation advisor that this could push accusations of fraud due to a lack of revenue activity against him.

The Youtuber even fetched one investor while on the streets, a woman who invested 50 Pounds in his company. When he got the call from his valuation advisor about the fraud, he traced the woman investor and returned back her money.

So, this was how the Youtuber became the richest man in the world for 7 short minutes, surpassing Elon Musk, but only on paper, as claimed by him.

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