The Ultimate Guide To Start Your Skincare Routine Today

Who doesn’t want to have healthy and clear skin? We all do and we all have different goals to achieve when it comes to our skin. But skincare is a term which is trending and popular nowadays but deciding what to include in your skincare is not an easy task. While there are thousands of influencers on social media promoting different products, procedures and techniques of using the same, a person cannot decide what to believe and what not.

So, to break the barriers and make things easier for you, we have prepared a simple and very basic skincare guide which will help you to start your journey to achieve a healthy and clear skin. Not only how to choose perfect products for you, we have also mentioned some changes that you need to bring in your lifestyle. Glass skin, healthy skin, clear skin, glowing skin or flawless skin, whatever you wish to achieve will be made possible if you skin by the skincare rules mentioned in this article.

Things You Should Follow In Your Skincare Routine 

Know Your Skin

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Before you start doing anything with your skin, it’s extremely important for you to know your skin type. Google surely will help you to know and analyze well if you have oily, combination, dry or any other kind of skin. Once you are aware of it, you can head forward because then only you’ll have a better idea about what your skin needs.

Choose Products

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Knowing what type of skin you have will surely help you to decide the products you need. For example, if you have dry skin, your goal must be for products that can keep your skin moisturized for long. And similar is the case with other skin types too. Don’t fall for advertisements you see on television or on your smartphone, always do a good research about the ingredients and then only lock the final product for you. 


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Nothing to be afraid of. If you are facing any severe skin problems, be it excessive pimples, hypper-pigmentation, dark spots or anything else; consulting a dermatologist should always be in your choice. And in any way, choosing any product on your own is never a bad idea when you wish to fight skin problems. Also, a dermatologist will always recommend you better products and can help you in knowing more about your skin & its type.

Moisturize & Hydrate

At Least once in your lifetime, you must have heard someone saying drinking a lot of water helps in making the skin glow. And guess what? That person was right. Yes, adding some more glasses of water might force you to use the washroom a little more, but we believe that’s too less cost to achieve a healthy, bright and glowing skin. 

Also, do not forget that adding a moisturizer in your skin is as important as adding a SPF. So, the thumb rule remains, moisturize, have a good SPF and drink a lot of water. 

Minimal Is The Best

Yes, be it about the makeup to be applied, steps in your skincare or the amount of product to be used, everything will be good if you’ll know the limit. Excess of anything is bad, and can adversely affect others too. So, always remembering a little at a time will help you go further in your journey. 


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The people are divided equally, on one side there are the ones who are in absolute love with working out, and on the other side are the ones who wish to start working out someday but don’t know when that day will arrive. No matter what side you belong to, everyone should know that working out has a direct and visible effect on your skin. The more active you are, the better is the blood circulation, and more sweat, which eventually contributes to making your skin healthier. 

Healthy Eating

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Fruits, salads, greens and proteins are not only important to be on your plate for building muscles and losing fat, but also to serve something good to your blood. If you eat clean, your blood cleans itself and in return your body gives you a radiant glow on your face that impresses the world. Yes, this rule of skincare is hard to follow, but start being habitual of keeping aside the deep friend and unhealthy stuff from your meals and forgetting about it. 

Minor Change In Habits

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Yes, there are certain habits that you need to change. No more pimple-popping, touching my face again and again, applying other skincare and makeup products. 

Don’t Follow Trends Blindly

This rule is the biggest one of all mentioned in this list. There is a lot you will come across on the internet, but it’s not a good idea to believe everything. Some suggest adding lemon juice to baking soda, some suggest you apply toothpaste on your skin, and whatnot. For the sake of your pretty face, kindly avoid experimenting with these hacks. 

Home Remedies

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You must be happy to see this here in this list. Nothing in this world can help you achieve a healthier skin than the remedies of your mom, naani and daadi. Swear by the tips they give you because they knew how to take care of skin even when no brands existed. 

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These definitely were not to sum up everything about skincare. With time, you’ll experiment more about products and routines, you will experience the difference and slowly develop expertise too. The day is not far when you’ll know exactly what your skin needs to breathe well. Skincare is not a goal, but a journey. You keep learning more about your skin at every step, so keep growing, glowing and healthy. 

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