Humble Music Youtube Channel Deleted For Violating Guidelines Amid Crypto Hack

Gippy Grewal’s Humble Music Official Youtube Channel recently suffered from an alleged Cryptocurrency hack and as of now, the channel has been deleted by Youtube. Youtube states ‘violating its guidelines’ the reason behind terminating the channel. It is being speculated that the recent Cryptocurrency hack might be the reason behind it.

Just a few days ago, one of the biggest Music Companies in the Punjabi Music Industry, Humble Music was hacked by unknown sources. The logo of the channel was changed to a picture that made the audience believe it was cryptocurrency hackers behind the hack. Many music videos from the channel were removed by the hackers and Gippy Grewal himself took it to Instagram to confirm it.

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Now, the channel has been terminated by Youtube. The alleged hack seems to be the only reason behind why Youtube deleted the channel. Gippy Grewal had earlier revealed that the recovery process was on and the channel would be retrieved but now it seems like the situation has worsened.

Another Punjabi Youtube Content Creator Rimple Rimps, who is also set to make his debut in the Punjabi Film Industry soon, also suffered the same fate. Amid a cryptocurrency related hack, his channel was terminated by Youtube. However, after a short while, the channel was retrieved. 

Humble Music or Gippy Grewal haven’t yet reacted to the situation. We hope there is an update from their side soon and we can finally be revealed why the channel has been terminated and when can we see the channel back.

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