Humble Music Youtube Channel Hacked! Speculations Run Around Cryptocurrency Hackers

Humble Music, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest Music companies in the Punjabi Industry, recently saw its official Youtube Channel being hacked! Gippy Grewal, owner of the media house, uploaded a few stories on his Instagram account to confirm about the hacking.

The unknown hackers hacked the channel and removed most of the videos from the channel. Gippy revealed that there are still a few songs on the channel that the audience can enjoy listening to, and meanwhile, the team is trying everything possible to recover the channel. When one tries to open the Humble Music Youtube Channel, a bizarre profile picture is seen on display.

Humble Music uses its official logo as the display profile picture of their Youtube Channel but after the account was hacked, the users notice a mysterious photo. Actually, the logo is generally used to refer to the cryptocurrency. And this has made the audience base their speculations around cryptocurrency hackers being involved in the hacking.

This is an age of cryptocurrency and everyone is talking about them. But the recent scenario has been different. As crypto gets popular around the world with each passing second, crimes involved in cryptocurrencies show a spike too. There have been reports of millions and billions being lost to cryptocurrency hacking. And it is not something new to hear about a hacking being executed by cryptocurrency hackers.

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It is yet unknown if the speculations running around are actually true or not. We have previously seen similar incidents, as in the case of Punjabi Youtuber Rimple Rimps. His Youtube channel was hacked and a person started demanding money in crypto using his channel. The channel was later terminated. When the supporters came forward to support Rimple Rimps, the channel was retrieved. Though the hacking hasn’t caused any serious harm to the Humble Music Channel, it is yet to see if it’s recovered.

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