Hustinder Announces His EP ‘Seasons’ With 4 Songs, Release Date Inside

Punjabi music industry is growing and glowing everyday with the hardworking singers releasing their albums and singles constantly. Music Albums have become a trend now. Each and every artist is now focusing on compiling all of the songs in one album and releasing it on the same day. 

The artists usually announce the release date of the albums a few days back on their social media platforms which creates a hype amongst all their fans. 

Today, Hustinder took to his official Instagram handle and announced the release date of his upcoming EP ‘Seasons’. The music to this EP is given by Opi Music. 

The EP will feature 4 songs namely- 

  1. Hopes ft Harm Franklin
  2. Watching You
  3. Incidents
  4. Still Living

Seasons is presented by Vintage records and Lovnish Puri. This EP will be released on 30 August 2023, with all the songs releasing on the same day. 

About Hustinder Singh

Hustinder Singh is a Punjabi singer and a lyricist who made his singing debut in 2014 with a solo song ‘Fake Feelings’ and ‘Chunni De Ohle’ by Sidhu productions. Later in 2016, Manni Sandhu’s album ‘Welcome to the future’ featured Hustinder Singh’s single ‘Rang’. 

In 2019, Hustinder gained popularity with his song ‘Pind Puchdi’ that has around 5 million views on YouTube. 

Since then he has given major hits like Ik Pind Sade Da Munda, Yaar Sambh Lainge, Teyodian, Lohe De Kunde and many more.

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