Hyderabad: Parents Give “Supari” For Their Alcoholic Son’s Murder!!!

In Hyderabad, a shocking incident came to the fore, where the parents themselves allegedly gave “supari” (bribe) to get their son murdered. Reportedly, a government school principal and his wife, the parents of an unemployed and alcoholic son, gave a huge amount of ₹8 lakh to the killers for their son’s murder. Though both, along with the 4 killers, are under custody now. (Source: Times Of India)

As per the media reports, government school principal Kshatriya Ram Singh and his wife Rani Bai were tired of the harassment from their son who’s alcoholic and unemployed. Notably, his name is Sai Ram, 26, who’s a college dropout. As of now, four of the five murderers, along with Sai Ram’s parents, have been arrested. Sai Ram was killed in Khammam, as per the police sources. 

Moreover, after the brutal murder, on October 18, Sai Ram’s dead body was dumped in Musi, Suryapet. Shockingly, Sai Ram’s parents didn’t lodge a missing FIR, which turned out to be one of the most suspicious developments in the case. Furthermore, the police discovered that the murderers used the car of Sai Ram’s parents, which became the most important clue for the police.

However, one of the five killers is still absconding. Reportedly, Sai Ram used to beat and abuse his parents whenever they refused to give him money for alcohol. As per the information, Sai Ram’s sister is settled in the US. His father, Mr. Kshatriya Ram Singh is a school principal of government gurukul in Maripeda Bangla village.

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Reportedly, Sai Ram’s parents gave ₹1.5 lakh in advance to the killers, promising them to give the remaining amount (₹6.5 lakh) three days after the murder. As per the media reports, Sai Ram’s maternal uncle Satyanarayana, on October 18, took him to a temple where they met the other accused, who then had some alcohol together with Sai Ram, and strangled him with a rope after he was drunk, a police officer stated, on the basis of the statements of Sai Ram’s parents during the interrogation.

Furthermore, as claimed by the family members, Sai Ram’s parents had even sent him to a rehabilitation centre, but unfortunately it didn’t work and Sai Ram’s addiction for alcohol kept increasing. Moreover, he turned violent and used to abuse his parents and even used to beat them whenever they refused to give him any money. Additionally, this turned out to be the major reason for Sai Ram’s parents to get him killed.

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